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synthetic_rx's Journal

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SR JROCK UK Blog : LJ Edition
Established on the 21st of August, 2008 by the creator of the original SR Blogspot and a moderator, Synthetic_RX was created at an attempt to start a community. For now, we'll fulfill our role to bring you up-to-date news on Jrock and other interesting subjects as well. :D We distribute many download links, as well as graphics for your entertainment and personal use only. :]
This community is currently restricted to selective posting. Although in the future, we hope to gain enough active members to disable this. (Meaning members can also post entries! YAYYY XD;)
Synthetic_RX revolves on jrock activities mostly around the UK, but all over the world as well. Feel free to join, wherever spot on the world you live in. XD Everyone's welcome!
The only thing we ask of you is to READ, UNDERSTAND, and FOLLOW our rules below.

1. CREDIT IS A MUST! We've put time and effort to bring you these goods and it is the least you can do.
2. Our links can be distributed, but only if credited. Make sure to drop a note telling us where you've shared our links. :D
3. Please comment ♥♥ They're always, very much appreciated.
4. Please avoid drama & be nice!
5. Enjoy your time here! :D

SR @ BLOGSPOT | OWNER: edohsama | MOD: maaka

about the owner; edohsama
London, England : graphics designer
INTERESTS: listens mostly to Jrock, but also J-core, J-pop, classical, and [game/drama/anime]OST. watches almost too most anime and J-Dramas, but cant speak a single word in japanese... not planning to either. i play too many games for a girl too, mostly cute little RPGs... current favourite is Beautiful Katamari. I collect and make models and figurines.
Enjoys going over to other countries to see jrock bands which results in me being broke half the time. i also love comments, fun, sweets, and presents! huhuhu~

CREDITS: stylesheet | profile | All graphics were personally made by maakapuyo